Since 1977

A&E Office Machines (A&E) was founded in 1977 by Adam Crappel, Jr. The technology has changed over the years, but A&E’s mission has remained the same: Provide customers with the most technologically advanced products and first-class service at cost-effective prices.


A&E was ahead of its time in 1977 and continues to be an innovator in its field. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, A&E added square and pi keys to the calculators it sold to engineering firms. In doing so, A&E transformed basic calculators into high level mathematics tools. Today, A&E is a leader in interactive board technology. The A&E Touch—A&E’s own interactive board—is faster, clearer, more responsive, and more user-friendly than any other interactive board on the market. The A&E Touch, as well as other interactive boards, can be enhanced by the A&E App Box, which enables interactive boards to operate with even greater speed and efficiency.

First-Class Service

Although A&E is primarily a technology company, customer service is at the core of its business. A&E has a friendly, knowledgeable, and certified staff. Equally important, A&E responds to customer calls within 24-hours.

Community Support

In addition to improving the business capacity of its customers, A&E is dedicated to being a positive influence in Louisiana and beyond. Since its inception, A&E has supported schools, churches, and other community functions that are working to better society. A&E is an American Indian owned business (Mr. Crappel serves on the United Houma Nation’s tribal council) and is dedicated to helping other disadvantaged business enterprises achieve success.

If you have any questions regarding the A&E Touch or our company, please contact us at 985-384-0336 today.