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"Big Tech Quality, Small Town Touch"

We are AE Touch Technologies
We are a minority-owned company at the forefront of technology & education solutions. Now in 15 states across the nation, AE Touch Technologies continues to focus and exceed on unrivaled customer service.

Business or Education?
Since 1977, AE Touch Technologies has innovated and served both enterprise and education institutions. Our product line up includes Interactive Flat Panel Displays, Webcameras, Document Cameras, Video Walls, and Printers. And our extended technology products include temperature checkpoints, temperature kiosks, and even sanitation machines.

Interactive Flat Panel Leaders

AE Touch Technologies has been a leader in the Interactive Flat Panel space since 2014. Now in 15 states and counting, we've continued to innovate in educational hardware + software to help our classrooms stay interactive and fun. Best of all, our customer centric attitude has kept customer relations & customer service at the forefront of our company.

"Big Tech Quality, Small Town Touch"

"We have had nothing but excellent service for this company throughout the years. We have purchase several of these boards in which we have nothing but fast and great service from this company. We are looking to purchase more boards now and in the future."

— Debra McClarity, Director of Federal Programs

Safety Solutions

Since 1977, AE Touch Technologies has continued to innovate in the world of education and enterprise technology. As our world continues to evolve, our solutions continue to evolve with it. Find what you need in our line of extended technology products. Stay Healthy.

Schedule a Demo?
 Need training?

If you're interested in more of our products, or you have any need for trainings on our products, feel free to contact us and we'll schedule a meeting today. We'd be happy to help via phone, email, and virtual platforms. 

"Mr. Crappel has been patient and gracious with working with our school staff. The training and the knowledge that he provides to our teachers has help them excel even more in teaching their students using the A & E lnteractive Board. Mr. Crappel has an amazing work ethic and the customer service that he and his team provide is impeccable."

— Mary Harris, Principal

 "Let me personally thank you for your awesome assistance and service. From the first meeting, you went above and beyond to ensure that I understood and addressed all of my questions quite promptly. In as much as we are enjoying this splendid technology resource, I equally appreciate your commitment and dedication to ensure that I could utilize the equipment and implement it into my curriculum with fidelity."

— T.Wade, Teacher

"I just want to thank you for your support of this new manner of teaching our children – they have entered into a greater dimension of educational opportunities because of the presence of the equipment as well as the ability of our teachers to use them with relative ease."

— Mary Sue Slack, Principal

" Through each step in this process, Mr. Crappel has been beyond gracious to my team and me. The work ethic and excellent customer service that he and his team have provided to the DHDS is unequivocally, beyond reproach.It is for these reasons that I offer my enthusiastic support for Mr. Adam Crappel and A&E Office Machines, and I do so without reservation."

— Paula Merrick Roddy, Director of DHDS

Installation options

What Do You Need?

AE Touch Technologies focuses on the customer experience. We're giving you installation options when it comes to the AE Touch Interactive Panels. 

Maximize your interactive panel's mobility & accessibility with our customized stainless-steel rolling stand. Or use our adjustable height option to give your presenters and participants convenient access & dynamic control. Finally, use your wall space to mount our panel in your classroom or office. Let us know how we can serve you.

"Big Tech Quality, Small Town Touch"