Slide 1 Introducing the AE Thermal Checkpoint Camera 01 06 back next Slide 2 Smart. Accurate. Portable. 01 06 back next Slide 3 Multi-Person Checkpoint Camera AE Touch Technologies introduces the latest innovation in smart thermal technology. The built-in AI algorithm allows you to actively measure up to 30 temperatures. Ideal for fast & contactless scanning at strategic locations such as hallways or entrances. back next 03 06 Slide 4 Thermal & Optical Sensors Our thermal checkpoint camera is equipped with both thermal and optical sensors for accurate temperature readings. Our real-time display provides high quality imaging with HD resolution at 30 fps. back next 04 06 Portability Included with every purchase is our customized stainless steel stand & PC combo. Our stand has been built from stainless steel and powder coated to prevent rust and provide long term stability.

Designed by our team from the ground-up, we’ve made portability and ease-of-use the priority for your safety solution needs.
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Slide 6 Request a Quote Contact Us Today AE Touch Technologies continues to excel & deliver on the best customer service for safety technology solutions. Contact us today to schedule a demo or request a quote. 06 06 back next