Slide 1 Certified Partner AETouch + Qwizdom Qwizdom is an award-winning developer of interactive learning solutions that enhance presentations and user engagement. Now, AE Touch Technologies has partnered with Qwizdom to create the perfect blend of hardware + software experience. Our multi-purpose software solution comes free of charge with each interactive flat panel, and is the preferred choice for presentation, collaboration, polling, and learning environments. 01 04 back next Slide 2 innovative technology What is OKTOPUS? OKTOPUS is an interactive presentation and collaboration software designed for use with our AE Touch Interactive Flat Panels. Our multipurpose software solution comes with diverse uses for presentations, conferences, education, or trainings. With no software licensing fees to pay, OKTOPUS software and AE Touch interactive boards create the perfect software and hardware combination. 02 04 back next Slide 3 Import. Annotate. Teach. Import and use existing lessons. Open, edit, and play SMART Notebook and IWB lessons exported from ActivInspire. Annotate over any application or browser. Use OKTOPUS tools over the top of digital content including PDFs, websites, images, etc. Use the subject-specific tools as much or as little as you need. 03 04 back next Professional Development All the tools we provide are also backed by various professional development options. Included with your purchase of the AE Touch Interactive Flat Panel is 4.5 hours of self-paced training on the OKTOPUS software. Plus, feel free to schedule a training day and AE Touch Technologies will be glad to service you and your team. 04 04 back next scroll