Slide 1 AE Technologies Web Cameras Better Meetings. Better Learning. AE Touch Technologies is on the forefront of at home or at office technology solutions. With the rise of remote meetings and remote learning, we’re offering several web camera options for your workflow. Experience better face-to-face calls and meetings with our selection of web cameras. 01 05 back next AE HD Webcam Look Your Best The AE HD Webcam features full HD resolution with a built-in microphone.Ideal for virtual meetings and remote learning. Works with PC/Mac/Chromebooks, along with our very own interactive flat panel displays.

Simply connect the camera via the included USB cable, and you’re ready to go. All driver’s are bult into the camera.
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AE 4k Webcam Wide-Angle Lens The AE 4K Webcam features electronic pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities with the included remote controller. The built-in mic allow for a range of up to 25 ft. With a video field-of-view of 130 degrees, the AE 4k Webcam is built and designed for entire classrooms and conference rooms. Simply connect the camera via the included USB 3.0 cable, and you’re ready to go. All drivers are built into the camera. back next 03 05 AE 360 Webcam 360 Degree View The AE 360 Webcam is our rotatable model ideal for large conference and classrooms. With the included remote, you have the capabilities to capture the entirety of the room via motorized pan, tilt, & zoom capabilities. Connect the included speaker/mic for a robust teams experience. The audio captures the entire room, while still capturing voices from 25 ft. away. Simply connect via the included USB cable, and you are good to go. back next 04 05 Slide 5 More Information Contact Us Today Feel free to contact us today for more information on our selection of webcams. Watch our informative videos below, and for additional help or questions, email us today at 05 05 back next