Intro - Slide 1 AE Touch Displays This is our AE Touch Series of Interactive Flat Panel Displays Better Productivity. Better Workflow. back next 01 07 Your Tool. Interactive. Engaging. Flexible. back next 02 07 Slide 3 innovative technology Made for Touch Our 4k anti-reflection panel provides you with 20-points of touch along with palm rejection technology. Navigate freely with our included pen, or via the touch of your finger. The built-in Android OS provides you with the apps you need, plus some added extras chosen from the AE Touch team. 03 07 back next Slide 4 Certified Partner AETouch + Qwizdom Qwizdom is an award-winning developer of interactive learning solutions that enhance presentations and user engagement. Now, AE Touch Technologies has partnered with Qwizdom to create the perfect blend of hardware + software. Our multipurpose software solution comes free of charge, and is the preferred choice for presentation, collaboration, polling, and learning environments. 04 07 back next Slide 5 Intuitive Design Flexible Connectivity This is your tool and AE Touch Technologies is here to provide you with flexible connectivity options to meet your needs.

With our integrated PC option, you can seamlessly connect to your interactive flat panel. This integration takes your board to the next level —intuitively access all of your favorite websites & preferred Microsoft or Google services via mouse or touch.

The AE Touch is also compatible with all of your current existing hardware such as PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks. You even have webcam support for remote learning and productivity.
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Learning with the AE App Box Greater Classroom Engagement AE Touch Technologies is on the forefront of technology solutions for the classroom. One of those leading innovations is the AE App Box.

Immerse your classroom with intuitive and touch-based learning activities focused on science, reading, spelling, math, and more.

We’ve hand selected 30 apps to start you off, with the ability to add more to meet your needs.

The AE App Box has continued to maintain classroom engage-ment for both Headstart & K-12 educational institutions.
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Slide 7 Stand Options AE Touch Technologies also offers various stand and mounting options for your classroom or conference room. We’ve engineered our stands from the ground up to allow for portability and unique learning opportunities with our AE Touch Boards. The stands have been powder coated to give you longevity, and we’ve kept the legs at a reasonable length to prevent tripping hazards. Our adjustable mobile stands are made with pride & care from our home state of Louisiana.

Whether you need an adjustable mobile stand, a motorized mobile stand, or a wall mount, AE Touch Technologies has you covered.
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