Slide 1 This is the AE Temperature Sensing Kiosk 01 07 back next Slide 2 Automated Scanning Keep your visitors and staff safe with our AE Temperature Sensing Kiosk. The setup process takes less than 15 minutes. Once installed by our technicians, you will be able to scan and detect incoming traffic to help reduce the spread of certain infectious diseases. Our 7” scanning screen will detect any temperature anomalies within seconds. Plus, set up alerts for facial covering detections. Ideal for industries & applications such as retail stores, schools, government buildings, leisure centers, casinos, office buildings, and reception desks. 02 07 back next Slide 3 Touch Screen Display We built our temperature kiosk from the ground up. This includes our original 32” information touch display. Insert your custom slides or include a survey. Create ads and even menus with the included display. Contact us today for a quote. 03 07 back next Slide 4 Several Configurations Find the right temperature kiosk for you. AE Touch Technologies offers the kiosk in several different configurations with the goal of accommodating every business application. These configurations include a dual screen kiosk, a short kiosk, and a tall kiosk. 04 07 back next Stay Informed Making sure your premises are safe is crucial during these times, and our temperature sensing kiosk can keep you connected with what’s going on. AE Touch Technologies includes software to help you remotely stay informed with your kiosk. This optional software will even allow for time attendance capabilities. back next 05 07 Slide 6 Request Information Contact Us Today Feel free to contact us today for more information on our AE Temperature Kiosk, or our other safety technology solutions. back next 06 07 Slide 7 Instructional Video Need Help? Watch our informative video on the AE Temperature Kiosk. For additional help or questions, email us today at
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